Hemorrhoids Dietary Tip: Ideas to Increase Fiber

Whether you’re looking for natural relief from hemorrhoids or simply want to improve your digestive health, you can benefit from a high-fiber diet. If you’re unsure which high-fiber foods will most easily be incorporated into your routine, we have a few ideas to consider. Breakfast It’s easy to add fiber to any meal, but it can be especially tasty for breakfast. Bake a batch of banana bran muffins on Sunday morning and you’ll have a great way to start your day off… Read More

Hemorrhoid Stapling Versus Surgery: The Risks

In some severe cases, natural supplements are not enough to treat cases of hemorrhoids. In these instances, sufferers may be required to seek out medical attention to ease their suffering. Two possibilities for treatment include surgery or staples; however, there’s a big different in these options. The science behind it Knowing that hemorrhoids are a common condition suffered by much of the population, researchers from the University of Western Ontario looked to compare stapled versus conventional surgery for hemorrhoids. In… Read More

New research finds that gout can be genetic

A researcher from the University of Otago discovered that early Māori skeletal remains show symptoms of gout and corroborates evidence that the idea that the disease is genetic and not completely based on lifestyle choices. PhD student Anna Gosling also researched historic newspapers and records of missionaries, physicians and accounts by Captain James Hook and his crew. She found evidence that Māori people, indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand, suffered from gout around the time of European settlement this counters the myth… Read More


What Are Hemorrhoids? Review the top-rated treatment options.   Hemorrhoids Are No Laughing Matter While the subject of hemorrhoids is embarrassing and often avoided, it is estimated that most Americans, both male and female, will experience hemorrhoids at least once in their lives. Hemorrhoids can develop at any age, but the incidence increases after age 30. About half of people older than age 50 have had hemorrhoids at some time in their life. For some, hemorrhoids may just be a mild… Read More

5 Medical Tests You May Want to Skip

Surprised? The media is broadcasting disease awareness campaigns and many doctors make it seem like there is no downside to getting checked out for potential medical problems. However, many doctors believe that this is just not true. Some tests can’t spot problems early enough to cure them. Others don’t discriminate between harmless issues and something that may be more worrisome. And following up on false alarms requires more tests and procedures that come with their own risks. Plus unnecessary tests… Read More

(Almost) Everything We Know About Satuated Fat is Wrong

It has been known since the 1960’s that saturated fat raises LDL cholesterol, the “bad” cholesterol. But LDL is just one indicator for risk. Also known is that high levels of triglycerides in the blood raise heart disease risk. Saturated fat does raise LDL cholesterol. But compared to carbohydrates, it also raises HDL cholesterol – the “good” cholesterol – and lowers triglycerides. Research found that saturated fat is relatively neutral for heart disease risk compared to refined carbohydrates. Research also found:… Read More

What Causes Hemorrhoids?

There are several causes that can contribute to Hemorrhoids and it is quite common that those afflicted can suffer from more than one cause. Combined factors can increase the intensity or frequency of occurrences. Most causes are related to circulatory and colon health. Proper diet and exercise is the best preventative and long term solution. However, here is no cure for Hemorrhoids. Surgery is definitely not a cure. But, with the right supplementation, exercise and nutrition, the frequency and severity… Read More

The Self Perpetuating Hemorrhoid

As strange as this title may sound, there is a self perpetuating aspect to Hemorrhoid suffering. Hemorrhoids are no picnic, and anyone who has had them could probably find themselves in agreement with that statement. In advanced stages, Hemorrhoids can present themselves as a partial blockage to the anus either internally, or externally, sometimes both. Each bowel movement can further aggravate the condition through exerting pressure and friction to this extremely delicate and sensitive tissue. Constipation, or hard stools, or… Read More


What is Gout More than 2.2 million Americans suffer with Gout. Gout (or Hyperuricemia), is a form of arthritis caused by uric acid crystal deposits that accumulate in the joints. Most people will experience sharp pain and swelling in the lower joints (toes, ancles, knees). The effected area usually becomes red, swollen and extremely sensitive to the touch. Review the top-rated treatment options. Doctors consider Gout to be progressive and incurable. Most people who suffer with Gout slowly begin to… Read More

Quick Hemorrhoids Recovery Tips

What will Help? Get on and off the pot!! Don’t linger on the toilet. That may cut into your quiet time reading the Sunday comics, but never reading or staying too long on the throne is good advice for Hemorrhoid sufferers. Train yourself to have one bowel movement a day. Two is normal for many, but one daily is better for Hemorrhoid suffering. Move past issues of hard stools, constipation or diarrhea. Accomplish that through diet and avoid stool softeners,… Read More