As strange as this title may sound, there is a self perpetuating aspect to Hemorrhoid suffering. Hemorrhoids are no picnic, and anyone who has had them could probably find themselves in agreement with that statement. In advanced stages, Hemorrhoids can present themselves as a partial blockage to the anus either internally, or externally, sometimes both. Each bowel movement can further aggravate the condition through exerting pressure and friction to this extremely delicate and sensitive tissue. Constipation, or hard stools, or multiple daily bowel movements as with diarrhea can further contribute to the symptoms.

Often many of the popular creams and ointments may seemingly help in easing bowel movements but in actuality promote the swollen tissue. To make matters worse, some people may find themselves so dreading their next bowel movement because of the painful aspect of passing stools, they may actually make themselves constipated. Retention of stools most always will make them harder, and can bring further strain and pressure to the affected area.

Eating high fiber foods, taking the right supplements and focusing on adding more whole grains to the diet can be helpful in turning this situation around. For many people, changing the diet alone may not be enough to solve their problem. Finding a good supplement is likely the key to overcoming the problem. Secondly, if constipation or any irregularity exists in quality of stools, that issue may need to be overcome for total healing to be achieved. Lastly, we believe the option of surgery should be the very last choice, and finding a good oral supplement for Hemorrhoids is key to solving the problem. Be sure that your bathroom habits, diet, and use of creams or ointments do not perpetuate your Hemorrhoids. If you suffer with constipation or diarrhea, look for a natural approach to solve your irregular bowel function for best results in chasing away your Hemorrhoid symptoms.