Cystitis Overview:

Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is a painful condition of the bladder. The bladder has a mucous layer that protects the inner liner. When that mucous layer is damaged, the bladder can become inflamed and infectious.

Cystitis Causes:

Causes of IC are not fully understood. It is widely accepted that the mucous layer in the bladder has been damaged in people with IC. Since the bladder houses a person’s natural waste (urine) for sometimes hours, it is thought that certain toxins that have been ingested cause the deterioration.

Cystitis Symptoms:

Someone with Interstitial Cystitis may have varying symptoms. The feeling of a full bladder, frequent urination, and pain in the abdominal region are common signs of IC. Some people also experience pain during intercourse and pain in the pelvic region. Also, women’s menstruation cycle, stress, allergies, and some foods can irritate the condition.