Diabetes Overview:

Type 2 diabetes is an incurable metabolic disease. Insulin is needed to use the sugar found in cells to create energy. This disease is characterized by the body’s difficulty in processing insulin correctly. This is often referred to as insulin resistance. This disease is rapidly becoming more and more prevalent. If a person with Type 2 diabetes does not take care of themselves, this disease can lead to organ impairment and cardiovascular problems.

Diabetes Causes:

Doctors believe that there are many causes to Type 2 diabetes. Adults are most commonly affected by type 2 diabetes though children can be diagnosed with the disease. Causes include genetic factors, obesity, and lack of an active lifestyle. If your body has a low insulin resistance, or if your pancreas does not make an adequate amount of insulin, you may develop Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Symptoms:

Many patients have type 2 diabetes for years before they are aware of their diagnosis simply because the development of the disease is so slow. Therefore, many people do not have symptoms until they are severe. Symptoms include: extreme thirst; slowly healing infections and cuts; fatigue; frequent urination; blurry vision; hunger; weight loss; mood changes; tingling in your extremities; and vaginal, skin, gum, and bladder infections.