Acne Overview:
Acne is a skin disease which typically occurs during puberty and subsides as the individual matures. Also known as zits or pimples, acne affects a very high percentage of young people in western civilizations. Some of the worst cases have hundreds of pimples across the face, neck, back and chest. Other cases often contain much fewer, but are bigger and more deeply rooted.

Acne Causes:
Acne begins when the accumulation of dead skin cells combines with oil to clog pores. The cause is still not fully known, but there are many factors which have been linked to the condition. Some of these factors are: use of anabolic steroids, a high bacteria count in the pores, overactive sebaceous glands and high stress. Puberty is also a major contributor as it causes hormone levels to rise, leading to increased level of oil secreted by the body.

Acne Symptoms:
People suffering from acne often have blackheads or whiteheads, which can become infected and cause pimples. The bigger and deeper acne lesions are often painful to touch and fill with pus. Usually the affected areas are the face, neck, back, chest and occasionally the arms.