The Gibberish about Gluten

For the estimated 1% of the poplutation with celiac disease, gluton is a kryptonite that can trigger digestive distress and cause long-term health problems. But for the vast majority of us, gluton is a harmless protein found in grains like wheat, rye and barley that is best known for giving bread its fluffiness. Nontheless, “gluten free” has become a major selling point, as if it were synonym for “low carb”. Gluten-free Betty Crocker cake mix and beer now line grocery… Read More

5 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Eat well. Eating a balanced diet helps provide the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need. It is important to eat a variety of different foods – an apple a day is great, but an apple one day, a banana the next and grapes after that is better! We draw our energy from food, and it is important to eat a little bit from every food group: fruits and vegetables, grains, meats and dairy products. Exercise. Staying fit goes hand in… Read More

Vitamins: What do you really need to stay healthy?

If you’re like nearly half of all Americans, you take at least one supplement to boost your health. But are you spending your money on the right ones? For that matter, do you need to take vitamins at all? It can be hard to know. Question: I think I eat well. Do I need supplements? While we try to eat a balanced diet, most of us overestimate how well we’re really eating. Taking a multivitamin couldn’t hurt. Question: Can certain… Read More


Not only is life hard, it can unexpectedly become harder. One day we might be comfortably cruising along, and then suddenly it seems like everything is going wrong: Your marriage is in a shambles, or you’ve just discovered that you’re not as financially stable as you thought, or you suddenly lose a lover, friend, or family member. The world has changed. Everything seems ominous and uncertain. That’s when you can fall into the trap of pessimism and negativity. It may… Read More

Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough Overview: Whooping Cough (Pertussis) is a highly contagious bacterial infection of the lining of the upper respiratory system.  The bacteria irritate this area causing difficulty breathing and a harsh cough.  This disease is very severe with three stages and can often last months.  Children under the age of one year are most susceptible to Whooping Cough because modern vaccinations prevent this disease.  A doctor can diagnose Whooping Cough by taking a patient’s history and cultures of the affected… Read More


Indigestion Overview: Indigestion is characterized by abdominal irritation or a feeling of stomachache.   Indigestion Causes: Indigestion is caused by various things.  Some people’s indigestion is activated by certain foods especially spicy foods, eating too quickly, ingesting large amounts of caffeine, drinking excess amounts of alcohol, smoking, or overeating.  Other people experience indigestion by feelings of anxiety or depression.  Also, certain drugs like aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, and antibiotics can lead to indigestion.  People with ulcers may experience indigestion regularly  … Read More

Herbal Products Overview

The use of herbs and herbal products has become broadly accepted. Consumer surveys consistently find that nearly half of all Americans now use herbs. (1) The decision to use herbs for their health promoting value is, as with all health decisions, a personal one. There are, however, many good reasons to consider herbal products as complements to your own health care. The best reason, however, may be the fact that herbs and herbal products provide real health benefits Most herbs… Read More


Stroke Overview A stroke (cerebrovascular accident) is a serious yet common affliction. If a stroke is caught quickly, the individual has a much higher chance of life. However, if a stroke is not caught swiftly it can lead to death. Strokes are the third most common type of death in the United States and the highest cause of disability. A stroke occurs when the brain is deprived of blood due to a blocked blood artery. After a few short minutes… Read More


Diabetes Overview: Type 2 diabetes is an incurable metabolic disease. Insulin is needed to use the sugar found in cells to create energy. This disease is characterized by the body’s difficulty in processing insulin correctly. This is often referred to as insulin resistance. This disease is rapidly becoming more and more prevalent. If a person with Type 2 diabetes does not take care of themselves, this disease can lead to organ impairment and cardiovascular problems. Diabetes Causes: Doctors believe that there are… Read More