Whether you’re looking for natural relief from hemorrhoids or simply want to improve your digestive health, you can benefit from a high-fiber diet. If you’re unsure which high-fiber foods will most easily be incorporated into your routine, we have a few ideas to consider.

It’s easy to add fiber to any meal, but it can be especially tasty for breakfast. Bake a batch of banana bran muffins on Sunday morning and you’ll have a great way to start your day off right for the rest of the week! You can even add dark chocolate chips to the recipe if you’re looking to sweeten it up or encourage your children to have a muffin with you. Who can resist chocolate for breakfast?

Another healthy option first thing in the morning is homemade granola. You’ll want to stay away from the store-bought varieties because they may be loaded with unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients (read: tons of sugar!). It’s easy to make your own granola and you can really amp up the flavor factor by including dried fruits like apricots, blueberries and cranberries. The best nuts to add to your oats are almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts.

From soups to salads and even pizzas, you can up the amount of fiber in your lunches as well. If you enjoy making homemade soups and chili, be sure to pack in the beans. Black beans are especially great and pair well with Mexican dishes like tacos and nachos. Mix things up a little bit and sprinkle beans and corn kernels on your salad for a Santa Fe style lunch.

Speaking of salads, these can be the perfect option for a healthy lunch – as long as you don’t overdo it with the dressing. Did you know that avocados actually have a high fiber content? As a great addition to any salad, you can also focus the entire meal around the “green goddess.” The delicious fruit goes well when paired with pretty much any protein – including chicken, tuna and other seafoods.

When you’re winding down from a long day, it may be easiest to incorporate fiber into your meal. There are so many options when it comes to pairing ingredients with brown rice for a curry- or Asian-themed dish. You can even mix the rice with some lean ground meat or a variety of vegetables to make savory stuffed shells for a dinner the entire family can enjoy.

If you’re craving pasta at the end of the day, that’s OK! Opt for the whole wheat variety and just watch which ingredients you add to your dish to keep it healthy. A pasta with pancetta and tomato sauce is perfect for fiber. Another option to consider is whole wheat orzo, which is a great centerpiece to a meal when cooked with spinach and tomatoes. These dishes will keep you full and satisfied, leaving no room for dessert.