Acne Overview: Acne is a skin disease which typically occurs during puberty and subsides as the individual matures. Also known as zits or pimples, acne affects a very high percentage of young people in western civilizations. Some of the worst cases have hundreds of pimples across the face, neck, back and chest. Other cases often contain much fewer, but are bigger and more deeply rooted. Acne Causes: Acne begins when the accumulation of dead skin cells combines with oil to… Read More


Allergies Overview: Many American suffer with allergies which affect nearly a quarter of the population. The immune system is hypersensitive to common substances, called allergens, leading to an inflammatory reaction. In response to an allergen, the body produces immunoglobulin E which is a type of antibody that attaches to mast cells. The response to allergies can be as simple as itching eyes or as serious as anaphylactic shock. Allergies Causes: Allergies are caused by a hypersensitive immune system. In response… Read More


Alzheimers Disease Overview: Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative problem which eventually results in the affected individual losing the ability to perform any action under his/her own power. The condition was once very rare but has become the leading cause of dementia, the inability to execute mental functions. Alzheimer’s disease grows worse with time as the nerves cells in the brain continue to die without replacement. This leaves the individual completely reliant on others for assistance and unable to sustain any… Read More