Our bodies are supposed to naturally produce insulin, which converts sugar and starches into energy. Unlike the more common form of diabetes, type 1 results from the pancreas’ inability to produce insulin. Reasoning behind what causes the immune system to destroy the cells that produce this key hormone are currently unknown. Scientists venture that a combination of a genetic mutation and virus result in type 1 diabetes. Nearly one million Americans live with the disease every day. Although there is no cure or prevention, those suffering from type 1 can eat a balanced diet for natural diabetes help.

A child may develop symptoms of type 1 diabetes over an extended period of time. There are several different key signs parents should be on the outlook for. Diabetic children may need to use the bathroom frequently due to high glucose levels. Due to the constant bathroom use, children might also become abnormally thirsty. Since a child’s body is low in energy, s/he may regularly feel tired. Kids may also experience weight loss or the inability to gain weight even though they are growing in height.

For children who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, parents will need to teach them the basics of repressing their condition so blood glucose control becomes a natural part of life. Through testing blood samples and injecting insulin, kids will be able to maintain an active lifestyle. Parents will want to work closely with their child’s doctor to ensure that the best care and precautions are taken. When looking for natural diabetes help, diagnosed individuals should be sure to track their intake of sugars and starches. Maintaining a regular exercise routine will also aid in preventing long-term health issues. The younger a child is, the more challenging living with type 1 diabetes can be.