Advanced Health Conditions

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Acne is a skin disease which typically occurs during puberty and subsides as the individual matures. Also known as zits or pimples, acne affects a very high percentage of young people.


Many American suffer with allergies which affect nearly a quarter of the population. The immune system is hypersensitive to common substances, called allergens, leading to an inflammatory reaction.


Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative problem which eventually results in the affected individual losing the ability to perform any action under his/her own power. The condition was once very rare but has become the leading cause of dementia, the inability to execute mental functions.

Natural Remedies - Are They Safe?

Any time you try a new therapy, treatment or medication, make sure it’s safe—whether it’s from your doctor or an alternative medicine practitioner.

Making the Right Health Choices

Making the right health choices, and potentially lowering your health care costs, requires taht you to take an active role in your health decisions.