Tendinitis Overview:

Tendinitis is inflammation or irritation of or around a tendon.  Tendons are responsible for transferring the force exerted by a muscle to the bone.  They are designed to be flexible and sustain a lot of movement.  Usually, tendinitis is named by the specific tendon it affects (Achilles Tendinitis for example).

Tendinitis Causes:

The main cause of tendinitis is overuse.  When one motion is repeated over a course of time, the tendon is likely to become stressed, or inflamed.  Age, disease, or injuries can also lead to the development of tendinitis.  For example, a bad fall can cause a microscopic tear an individual’s tendon leading to inflammation and tendinitis

Tendinitis Symptoms:

The main symptom of tendinitis is pain in the area.  Motion become more and more difficult until treatment or rest is sought.  Other symptoms include:  tingling, burning, numbness, swelling, or stiffness.  In chronic or severe cases, the joint may lock impeding movement.

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