Hemorrhoid Tests and Diagnosis

How is Hemorrhoids Diagnosed

Review of Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Hemorrhoids symptoms can be multifold. Bleeding, seepage, or blood present in the stools may be the first signs that something is not right. Any pain in the anal area is an area for concern and should at least start with self-examination. Should you find anything like a bump or protrusion in the anal area, you probably have your confirmation. Backing that up with a visit to your doctor would be prudent. Be sure to share with him or her any additional information starting with the quality of your bowel movements and daily frequency. Let them know the area of discomfort and associated symptoms. Be certain to share any medications you are taking or over the counter items such as stool softeners. All aspects of your diet, lifestyle, and bathroom habits should be discussed in your visit.


Review of Hemorrhoid Tests

External hemorrhoids can be quickly diagnosed simply by looking at the condition. Internal hemorrhoids, can easily be confused with anal fissures, polyps, and even colon cancer. A correct diagnosis usually requires the insertion of a rubber-gloved finger into your rectum. Your doctor may also examine the lower portion of your colon and rectum with an anoscope, proctoscope or sigmoidoscope. These technologies use lighted tubes that allow your doctor to see into your anus and rectum. Your doctor may want to do a more extensive examination of your entire colon using a procedure knows as a colonoscopy.   


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