Hemorrhoid Causes

What Causes Hemorrhoids

There are several causes that can contribute to Hemorrhoids and it is quite common that those afflicted can suffer from more than one cause. Combined factors can increase the intensity or frequency of occurrences. Most causes are related to circulatory and colon health. Proper diet and exercise is the best preventative and long term solution. However, here is no cure for Hemorrhoids. Surgery is definitely not a cure. Also, many of the popular creams, ointments and suppositories only offer temporary relief and many actually prolong the agony of Hemorrhoids.

Common Hemorrhoid Causes

Physical Causes


· Pregnancy / Childbirth
· Genetic Factors / Heredity
· Obesity
· Straining during bowel

· Excessive Exercise
· Distance Running
· Weightlifting
· Bicycling
· Anal Intercourse

· Driving Extended Periods
· Sitting for Long Periods
· Straining / Pressure
· Constant Friction

Impaired Colon Function


· Colon Issues
· Poor Flora (Bacteria) Balance
· I.B.S. - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

· Chronic Diarrhea
· Constipation

· Candida (Yeast Allergy)
· Digestive Disorders

Circulatory Disorders


· Diabetes
· Arterial Sclerosis

· Varicose Veins
· Parasites


Poor Diet

· Insufficient Dietary Fiber
· Alcohol Consumption
· High Carbohydrate Diet


OTC & Prescription Drugs


· Stool Softeners
· Overuse of Laxatives
· Antibiotics