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Hem-Relief 911 for Hemorrhoids

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Hem-Relief tops our list as the overall choice for individuals suffering with Hemorrhoids. Most users experience complete relief within a few days. The product appears to work well for internal, external, bleeding or prolapsed hemorrhoids. User ratings were overwhelmingly positive. Consumers, who had tried other products, reported that Hem-Relief achieved quicker results and provided much higher overall satisfaction. The product is also backed by a risk free 90 day 100% money-back guarantee.

Manufactured By: Western Herbal and Nutrition, Inc.

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Clinical Strength Hemorrhoid Relief

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Consumer Rating
97% Approval Rating (648 Reviews) - Read Reviews
Results Most users found total relief of hemorrhoid symptoms within 48 Hours.
Main Ingredient Witch Hazel 400 mg
Vegetarian Capsules
Return Policy Risk Free 

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Product Claims

Hem-Relief is the most effective hemorrhoids treatment available.


Many over the counter products only treat the symptoms of hemorrhoids, ignoring the actual condition which causes those symptoms.  These products may offer temporary relief, but without treating the condition itself, the symptoms are likely to return as soon as you stop using the product. 
Hem-Relief works to treat hemorrhoids at the source.  Our proprietary formula is proven to heal and strengthen damaged vascular tissue, treating the actual condition from the inside out.  When the hemorrhoids condition is eliminated so are the symptoms.  Because Hem-Relief is taken orally, entering the blood stream, it successfully treats both external and internal hemorrhoids with no awkward insertion or messy creams.

Hem-Relief is completely safe!

Hem-Relief is all-natural and uses only the highest quality herbal ingredients available.  We produce our product in an FDA certified laboratory, meeting the highest industry standards in the production of each and every bottle. Hem-Relief has no reported side effects or drug interactions, and does not include any caffeine or ephedrine.

Hem-Relief can be used to help prevent hemorrhoids, too!

Don't be fooled by others claiming to offer a permanent cure for hemorrhoids.  Because they can be caused by lifestyle factors, hemorrhoids are likely to return if you do not make changes to the lifestyle which caused them in the first place. For many of us, changing our lifestyle is easier said than done, but Hem-Relief can help.  The same ingredients that make Hem-Relief so effective at healing damaged veins can also help to prevent damage, maintaining overall vascular health.


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Consumer Rating: Very Satisfied

quote[1].jpgI had been having hemorrhoid problems for about 6 months. I tried all the creams and ointments available with no relief. I started taking the product, and the next evening I wasn't in as much pain, but still my hemorrhoids were protruding and bleeding. So I kept taking the product and within about 4 days the swelling was down and the pain was basically gone. It’s now been almost a full week and I am glad to say I am back to normal. I will be making another order. No one should be without Hem Relief. This product really works.quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: Jimmyt

 356 of 375 people found the following review helpful

Consumer Rating: Very Satisfied

quote[1].jpgI never write testimonials but I'm so thankful for this product I hope this will convince other sufferers to try it. I was never in pain but suffered massive outbreaks of bleeding. I wore pads in my pants and was a nervous wreck. Doctors prescribed suppositories, which did nothing, then recommended surgery. Instead I tried Hem-Relief and I got my life back! Two days later the bleeding stopped. Now I take 2 to 4 capsules a day for maintenance. I was actually worried that an herb that helped reduce swelling would affect me sexually but I'm better than ever! Thank you!!quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: nevada11

172 of 181 people found the following review helpful

Consumer Rating: Very Satisfied

quote[1].jpgThis is a FABULOUS product. I was skeptical at first, as almost everyone else is… but given the 100% mone-back guarantee and the testimonials, I gave it a shot. I've been plagued with mostly internal hemorrhoids for at least 10 years. Not as bad as some people attest to, but annoying nonetheless. Doctors were NO HELP, as usual. But thanks to Hem-Relief I haven't felt this good since I was a teenager.

Folks, if you are thinking about trying it, PLEASE DO! What do you have to lose? One doctor visit costs you at least $200 - you can try the miracle for only $40, WITH a moneyback guarantee. No doctor ever gives you a guarantee. Most of the time you leave their office feeling worse than when you went in, and Lordy knows what else you can catch in the waiting room. No more quacks for me, HEM-RELIEF is all I need!quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: kenable

118 of 135 people found the following review helpful

Consumer Rating: Satisfied

quote[1].jpgThis stuff really works. After 2 or 3 days I had complete relief and can no longer feel that ugly bulge that was once there.  Everyone who has a condition must try this.  I was days away from surgery now no knife for me.  Thanks.quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: suetran40

212 of 225 people found the following review helpful

Consumer Rating: Very Satisfied

quote[1].jpgI have had 2 surgerys for my hemroids and was heading for a third,,,(the most painful surgery there is!!)This product had me healed in about a week...I take one a day now as a preventative measure.quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: jgreen

64 of 72 people found the following review helpful

Consumer Rating: Somewhat Dissatisfied

quote[1].jpgBased on the testimonials of other respondents I'm one of the few without favorable results. I purchased two bottles of Hem-Relief last November and three more in January. Following their instructions, including a change in diet and the addition of fiber capsuls, I was never able to affect complete remission of my hemorroids. My plan is to order another brand and hope for better results.quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: mfrank9

11 of 32 people found the following review helpful

Consumer Rating: Very Satisfied 

quote[1].jpgI've tried everything to help me with my problem.  I would have days where the pain was so horrible I'd get soaked with sweat.  I researched this product and was still not sure but it was instant relief - really amazing that an all natural cure could provide this!  I recommend this product to everyone now and am amazed - almost everyone I know suffers to some degree - usually after drinking a little too much on the weekends.  GREAT PRODUCT!quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: charlener

69 of 72 people found the following review helpful

Consumer Rating: Very Satisfied

quote[1].jpgI have been suffering with Hemorrhoids for 9 years now and have used all the topical creams, suppositories on the market and found no relief. I was desperate and decided to search the web for a solution. I ran across the product Hem-Relief and have been using it now for 2 wks. All symptoms have subsided. I am able to function a normal life now and will continue taking Hem-Relief as maintenance.quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: BroncoFan

Consumer Rating: Very Satisfied

quote[1].jpgSimply amazing.  My hemorrhoids are completely gone after 4 days of taking it.  I would recommend this to anyone suffering from hemorrhoids.quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: charlesq

Consumer Rating: Very Satisfied

quote[1].jpgI have been using Preparation H now for about a month. It seems to be giving me temporary relief but I feel like the Hemorrhoids are becoming larger. I have used a prescription medication that my doctor prescribe to me prior to the Preparation H it seemed to help me be able to function a normal life but I still was having problems with my bowel movements. I happened to stumble across Hem-Relief and decided that I would try this product. I did not have my hopes high as nothing had worked in the past and I feared having to turn to surgery. To my surprise within just a couple of days I immediately felt relief. I have no been taking Hem-Relief for 7 days and have no further symptoms. This product is absolutely amazing and I would recommend it to any one that is suffering with Hemorrhoids.quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: jrjones49

39 of 41 people found the following review helpful

Consumer Rating: Very Satisfied


Submitted by: absmith01

Consumer Rating: Very Satisfied

quote[1].jpgHemorrhoids are something that I never dreamed of having to deal with. I have always used preparation H and similar products and normally the problem would subside. This last outbreak was so bad that I had to miss days of work. The usual remedies were not helping. I was told by a friend about Hem-Relief and looked it up on the web. I am one of those types of people that are leery about ordering online. I felt that it was worth a shot because I was in so much pain. Almost immediately after using Hem-Relief I started to notice the relief. Hem-Relief saved my life. I will no longer use the other products that are sold over the counter, as this one has taken care of the problem. I now take a maintenance dosage and have not had a reoccurrence. I have recommended Hem-Relief to family and friends and would suggest the use of this product to any one who has ever suffered with Hemorrhoids.quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: Kneepart138

121 of 142 people found the following review helpful

Consumer Rating: Very Satisfied

quote[1].jpgHem-Relief is an amazing product!  I was very surprised how quickly the herbal supplement treated the pain that is associated with hemorroids.  This is the best hemorroid treatment you will find on the market.quote[2].jpg

Submitted by: swalker4