Exercise and Hemorrhoids

Exercise and cardiovascular health are important lifestyle factors that should matter to everyone.   However, people who have hemorrhoids should be sure that the exercise they perform does not promote hemorrhoids nor interfere with the healing process.  

Exercises to Avoid

Distance running or jogging are distinctly negative types of exercise while dealing with a bout of hemorrhoids.  The friction and pressure only works to further aggravate hemorrhoids whether internal or external hemorrhoids are present.  In theory, the use of a lubricant such as Vaseline may help to minimize some of the friction, but the benefit may only be minor at best.  Generally, it is highly recommended that one discontinue the most aggressive types of exercise that may only promote more pronounced symptoms of hemorrhoids.   Even power-walking for a couple of miles daily may prevent hemorrhoids from properly healing.

Body building, weight lifting and bicycling are very common types of exercise that can promote the worst hemorrhoid problems.  We advise fitness buffs and athletes to adjust their workout routines to avoid bringing extra stress, pressure, and friction to the pelvic area.  Performing a dead lift squat with weight positioned on one’s shoulders can be extremely risky for a hemorrhoid sufferer.  Instead, using a leg thrust machine with the backrest set perpendicular is far less stressful to the pelvic area.
Many bicyclists suffer with hemorrhoids.  These days there are several different types of bicycle seats, such as gel filled or oversized seats, which may help to reduce some of the pressure to the area.  However, we recommend avoidance of bicycling altogether if you are trying to recover from a bout of hemorrhoids.  If you work out at a gym and have a choice between a bicycle exercise machine with a traditional bicycle seat versus a machine of a recombinant design with a flat seat and backrest set to a slightly reclined position, the recombinant type of machine would be a better choice.

Pilates, high intensity cardiovascular workouts and even certain yoga exercises may be further promoting of your hemorrhoid issues.  Yet we believe there is a way to safely work out upper body and lower body without aggravating the worst hemorrhoid symptoms.  When using the examples of types of exercise to avoid set forth here, each person can become their own best judge on the types of exercise that may be suitable and those that may promote hemorrhoids and make symptoms worse.