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Mastitis Overview:

Mastitis is a bacterial infection of the breast. It usually occurs in women who are pregnant, or breastfeeding, although mastitis can also occur in women who have neither condition.


Mastitis Causes:

A mastitis infection is caused by bacteria entering the breast, usually from the baby’s nose or throat, while it is nursing. The risk of infection is increased by cracks, or sores in the nipple, using a breast pump, or wearing a bra that is too tight. However, mastitis can also occur without any of these situations and it is not known why some women get mastitis and some do not. A blocked milk duct can also result in mastitis.


Mastitis Symptoms:

Symptoms include a painful, hard lump in the breast, fever, redness and swelling.  In some cases, an abscess can occur as a result of mastitis. A blocked duct has similar symptoms, but usually not as intense as with a mastitis infection and generally does not result in the use of antibiotics.


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