The Self Perpetuating Hemorrhoid

As strange as this title may sound, there is a self perpetuating aspect to Hemorrhoid suffering. Hemorrhoids are no picnic, and anyone who has had them could probably find themselves in agreement with that statement. In advanced stages, Hemorrhoids can present themselves as a partial blockage to the anus either internally, or externally, sometimes both. Each bowel movement can further aggravate the condition through exerting pressure and friction to this extremely delicate and sensitive tissue. Constipation, or hard stools, or multiple daily bowel movements as with diarrhea can further contribute to the symptoms.

 Often many of the popular creams and ointments may seemingly help in easing bowel movements but in actuality promote the swollen tissue. To make matters worse, some people may find themselves so dreading their next bowel movement because of the painful aspect of passing stools, they may actually make themselves constipated. Retention of stools most always will make them harder, and can bring further strain and pressure to the affected area.

Eating high fiber foods, taking the right supplements and focusing on adding more whole grains to the diet can be helpful in turning this situation around. For many people, changing the diet alone may not be enough to solve their problem. Finding a good supplement is likely the key to overcoming the problem. Secondly, if constipation or any irregularity exists in quality of stools, that issue may need to be overcome for total healing to be achieved. Lastly, we believe the option of surgery should be the very last choice, and finding a good oral supplement for Hemorrhoids is key to solving the problem. Be sure that your bathroom habits, diet, and use of creams or ointments do not perpetuate your Hemorrhoids. If you suffer with constipation or diarrhea, look for a natural approach to solve your irregular bowel function for best results in chasing away your Hemorrhoid symptoms.




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Said this on 4-22-2011 At 05:24 am

Your post is Very informative.Definatly will check back. Keep up the good work!

Said this on 5-13-2011 At 12:37 pm

read a great article from a man that suffered from Hemorrhoids for years. Nothing seemed to work for him.....finally he tried Hem-Relief and it "did the trick. He planned to 'never again be caught without Hem-Relief'.  Worth a try if troubled by hemorrhoids.  I am thankful to have learned about this. 

Said this on 6-5-2011 At 10:50 am

Yea thanks for these tips, they are real useful.

Said this on 10-19-2011 At 07:25 pm
Most help articles on the web are inaccutrae or incoherent. Not this!
Said this on 10-20-2011 At 06:34 am
My hat is off to your astute commnad over this topic-bravo!
Said this on 12-24-2011 At 12:41 am

Thanks for this post. Very useful, and I love it.

Said this on 4-10-2012 At 03:09 am

Thanks for this post, very helpful to all hemorrhoid sufferers like me.  To help control the pain and discomfort that come with having hemorhoid, better control your diet.  If diet is not enough, supplements and other treatment methods should be tried.

Said this on 4-13-2012 At 08:53 am

This is very helpful. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

Said this on 5-2-2012 At 05:13 am

Hemorrhoids or something more sieorus?

I'm a male, age 18. For the past couple of weeks I've been really constipated. I thought t was due to my change of diet. In the past I didn't eat healthy and my bowel movements were completely normal. Now I eat low fat things, no fast food and a lot more whole grains/wheats (breads, popcorn, brown rice, cereal) and all I drink water like its going out of style. But recently when I get the urge to go, I have to strain real hard for it to come out and there has been small amounts of lightly colored blood in my stool. I just figured it was my hemorrhoids though. But this morning I tried go and it just wouldn't come out at all. So I get ready to wipe and when I do, there is dark red blood on the tissue. I'm freakin out right now and don't know what this means because I heard people can get colorectal disease, but I didn't think it can happen to young people. I'm hoping it's just my hemorrhoids acting up from the straining. Could it be from all the fiber. I've never had health problems and I don't want to go to the doctor because I know they're going to try to stick something in me.


It is more than likely hemorrhoids related to the straining caused by your high fiber diet. However, if it does not go away naturally or through treatment, then it is always recommended to have it reviewed by your doctor.

Said this on 5-2-2012 At 05:51 am

Hi, treating an exerantl hemorrhoid is not too difficult, and the fact there is no bleeding means that it hasn't got that bad yet. Hemorrhoids are usually caused by too much pressure on your bowel, this means if you constantly strain when you go to the toilet, the risk of hemorrhoids is increased. For the short term you could try taking a laxative, but for the long term you need to start eating food that is high in fibre.You can also try applying an Aloe Vera cream to the area, as Aloe Vera has a lot of natural properties for healing and keeping skin healthy.You can get some free information about treating internal and exerantl hemorrhoids at the resource below. There are a lot of natural and effective ways to treat this problem. Hope this was helpful, take care.

Said this on 5-2-2012 At 01:29 pm

Can riding a bike cause hehrirmoods to come back? This is my story, about a month ago i got first hemorrhoid, it was a pain month but i got through it and my hehrirmoods are getting better, no more blood after every shit (sorry for my words), no more paint full annoying itching inside, BUT my class is going tomorrow on picnic, and they are going with their bikes, should i or shouldn't i go with bike because of my hehrirmoods? Can they come back after bike ride?

Answer: Yes, riding bikes is a common source of hemorrhoid issues due to the constriction of the blood vessels for long periods of time. It is safe to ride a bike after the condition has subsided or been treated.

hemorrhoid treatment
Said this on 5-18-2012 At 10:36 pm

Thanks for the nice blog. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

Said this on 5-19-2012 At 06:39 pm

i so agree. sometimes, though, it's hard to follow these regimens.

Elysse Parsons
Said this on 8-13-2012 At 05:08 am

This is true. Having hemorrhoids is no joke. It has different types and severity too. Some might be easier to manage and some might require surgery, as you mentioned, should be the last resort. Nice tips you have here. Prevention is needed all the time. Remember that aside from mentioned above, there are other treatment options available for any type of hemorrhoids. Good luck to everyone.

Said this on 10-2-2012 At 04:26 am

That's an expert answer to an intersentig question

Said this on 12-17-2012 At 09:00 am

I really appreciate free, succinct, reliable data like this.

Said this on 12-17-2012 At 06:48 pm

At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for posting!

Said this on 3-20-2013 At 11:04 am

Thanks for re-enforcing the need for proper diet and exercise to combat hemorrhoids. Many, many years ago I was treated for external hemorrhoids. Let me say, extreme pain did not cover it. I am again suffering from constipation which I like to attribute to medication, but I hope this does not lead to hemorrhoids again. I need to lose weight and exercise. I wish there was an easier way. Thanks.

Said this on 3-28-2013 At 07:50 am

Good diet, high in fiber is definitely a step in getting rid of hemorrhoids. We often eat foods that are high in fats and are difficult to digest and process. Softening the stool can have huge impact on your hemorrhoids. Let us not forget that regular exercise can contribute to better bowel movement as well.

Paul Cox
Said this on 6-4-2013 At 12:58 pm

Although hemorrhoids are not life threatening or dangerous, they are pretty uncomfortable and quite painful. Using an all natural product does tend to have a more lasting effect, also increasing your fiber intake as well as drinking water helps. I realize its not ideal drinking water, prefer a glass of wine myself, but that's not as good for hemorrhoid treatment, more enjoyable though.

Jerry Romano
Said this on 10-29-2013 At 08:47 am

Thanks for the insightful information. I was unaware that there were so many potential causes of hemorrhoids.

Jason Ray
Said this on 11-12-2013 At 10:06 pm

Hello, I've been reading about all of this and am pretty sure mine is a hemorrhoid but having a second opinion always helps. I just started feeling this very slight pain in my anus about 6 or 7 hours ago but it was very faint so I didn't think anything of it. Well I just got home and sat on the toilet to poop and I couldn't am I started to feel worse an worse pain in that area. I wiped with toilet paper and saw no signs of blood. After that I ran my finger along my sphincter and felt a bump that was coming out slightly. Maybe the size was between a marble and a green pea. I used preparation h and nothing. I was told that witch hazel works. What should I do because I cannot afford to go the doctor for anything at this time. Please give me your opinion on what the problem is an what cheap affordable treatments there are so I can take care of this. Thank you

Hello Jason,

We agree that witch hazel does help with hemorrhoids. There are several affordabel products that we have reviewed that contain witch hazel. Our latest review showed that Hem-Relief contained the highest concentration of witch hazel and had the highest customer satisfaction.

We hope this helps.

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