Some Tips on Gout Symptoms

If you have been listening to the news these days or happen to read articles on health in your favorite magazine, you may have found some negative press on carbonated sodas. Many popular soft drinks use a very popular sweetener called high-fructose corn syrup. We have been sold the idea for maybe twenty years or more, that high-fructose corn syrup was better for us and not as bad as sugar.  Maybe not so according to conventional wisdom and research. High fructose corn syrup has been linked to Diabetes, Gout, and even Juvenile onset Diabetes. Also, ask anyone who knows the difference between a Mexican Coca-Cola and one bought in the U.S. Mexican Coca-Cola is still made with cane sugar and most people say the Mexican version is way better.

 So with that new information come studies suggesting that men who consume 2 soft drinks daily are somewhere between 60% to 80% more likely to contract Gout. I have seen varying statistics on the subject and that data may be hard to collect accurately. Suffice it to say, the evidence is strong to show that high fructose corn syrup may be bad for sugar balance, and may contribute to obesity and other health problems. Limiting the intake of sodas, or switching to alternate beverages such as herbal teas or green tea even is sure to have benefit.

 There is more. While we have been told most of our lives that eating food from the various food groups is necessary for optimum health, most consider fruit as essential and adhering to good nutrition. I think that idea has to be tempered with the knowledge that too much fruit is likely a bad thing. Chinese medicine or yin-yang theory holds that too much fruit can lead to many problems including premature balding and kidney problems just for starters.

 For easing Gout symptoms, consider paring down on fruit consumption, less sugar and more whole foods. Too much fructose in the diet may contribute to congesting the kidneys, perhaps in part through promoting Candida growth. The kidneys are an important organ essential for the job of filtering toxins from the body. If the filters become clogged or congested, other health problems including kidney impairment or disease are likely to follow. Taking a good supplement or tea for support of kidney function is recommended for most anyone on the planet. Focusing more on whole grains and fresh vegetables is the diet that will serve you best for optimum health.

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Gout symptoms
Said this on 9-21-2010 At 10:51 pm

The post was quite a fine piece of text on this peculiar and dangerous condition. I had been preparing thesis on Gout ailment, mainly its reasons, discomforts and cures. The statistics really frightened me and the speed at which it appears in the cured body again is horrifying. I may never empathize why the current medicine is unable to provide a cure to Gout. In addition to the doctor's advice, it's always the best decision to stop drinking alcohol totally.

Despite the fact that Gout had been discovered from historical ages, not any had been able to provide a complete cure for this weird disease. Most importantly affected persons have to be always on the careful side of the chart not to eat any substances containing Uric acid.

Ann patton
Said this on 5-11-2011 At 05:16 pm

Thank you for shedding some light on this painful subject.

Said this on 6-13-2011 At 03:27 am

Wow..What a informative post it was..!!  Gout is one of the form of arthritis....and one must have to take care of it in its early stage..

Said this on 10-20-2011 At 06:59 am

This is a terrific article. Thank you.

Said this on 4-26-2012 At 05:09 am

Thanks for your blogpost as I am looking for a treatment for gout. This article moves positively towards a treatment for gout.

Scar Treatment
Said this on 5-5-2012 At 12:55 am

I found your post good and informative. I like your article. Thanks for sharing it.

Hemorrhoid Treatment
Said this on 5-14-2012 At 04:13 am

Nice work on putting together a very interesting post. Fabulous ideas and very helpful information. Well thought out and well written.

Said this on 7-23-2012 At 03:16 am

Generally, all plant based foods are safe, but some suggest avoiding certain fruits and veggies. But plant foods are never as dangarous as organ meats, red meats, cheese etc. MANY vegetables contain lots of protein, you don't have to just rely on tofu. All legumes (dry beans, lentils, etc.) are high in protein. It is a very erroneous idea that protein only comes from animals. How do the strict vegetarians get their protein? Ask your doctor. Shoban

Said this on 10-1-2012 At 01:59 pm

I completely agree. I was spikeang with my husband about this during dinner the other night. He was telling me about a commercial he saw, a party scene, mom's talking about how much HFCS is in the juice and how the one mother is being SILLY and it's OK if it's in moderation. Way to go, make people feel crazy again for not wanting to eat corn. It is all ready a stigma for the corn allergic because people who are not aware have absolutely NO idea how much corn is in their daily intake even if they avoid HFCS. Large corporations that may be lesser in size then Monsanto are still funding these commercials along with them, the articles, and the attempt at mind control' The good news is that they are being forced to spend some of their Money on print and commercial adds. So we made some sort of pain for them. We just need to keep going. Any company you find that is completely CORN FREE, write them a thank you note. Put a note in the local paper . something to give them KUDOS and gain awareness.

Said this on 10-1-2012 At 02:35 pm

It's not news that Americans eat more sugar than the should. I mean it's not as if we're not aware that we're #1 in oetbisy but infographics like this are less meaningful when you don't look at our overall consumption of food. More disgusting is that the bottom 4/5ths of that dumpster is a sloshing mess of corn syrup. That dumpster of sugar would be parked behind an apartment tenement made of chicken pork and beef. I'd be much more interested in how many dumpsters we fill of ingredients that don't occur in nature, red dye, preservatives, artificial flavoring, MSG, reconstituted food products.

Said this on 10-1-2012 At 08:41 pm

I think it's the corn industry's atemptt at damage control to try to convince people that HFCS is healthy, but I think it's too late. So many people I know, who aren't necessarily nutritionally minded, have heard HFCS is bad for you. Genetically modified and altered to give the food it's added to a longer shelf life. It's my understanding HFCS is banned in other countries. We would be wise to do so also. I understand Monsanto is a huge contributer to these myths, because it will affect their pocket books if we stop adding corn to almost every packaged food available in supermarkets.

Said this on 10-2-2012 At 10:12 am

I don't think your being negative at all. In fact, I think you have a great point. I just like to enjoy what I am eaitng and know that just because it is a salad doesn't mean it should have to taste bland. I found healthy and exciting ways to be inventive with adding tastes to my salads without the (HFCS).This is a lifestyle so I really try to focus on eaitng in a way that I will not get bored out my mind. I am sure you can appreciate that right? LOL

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