Quick Hemorrhoids Recovery Tips

Don't linger on the toilet if you have hemorrhoids.What will Help?

Get on and off the pot!! Don't linger on the toilet. That may cut into your quiet time reading the Sunday comics, but never reading or staying too long on the throne is good advice for Hemorrhoid sufferers. Train yourself to have one bowel movement a day. Two is normal for many, but one daily is better for Hemorrhoid suffering. Move past issues of hard stools, constipation or diarrhea. Accomplish that through diet and avoid stool softeners, or laxatives. Do not strain during bowel movements. Practice good hygiene and keep the anal area clean. 

Introduce more fiber into your diet including whole grains like Amaranth, Barley, and Brown Rice. Include a quality yogurt in your diet. Cabbage is helpful for many. Avoid sitting for long periods but if you have a job where you must sit for long periods, try to stand up about every hour or so for five minutes just to keep circulation going.

What will Hurt?

  • Avoid alchohl, junk food, high carbs, sugar, and avoid fruit when trying to recover. 
  • Stay away from exercise routines that may strain the pelvic area when going through an episode of Hemorrhoids. For example:
    • Weight lifting
    • Cycling or Rowing
    • Long distance running
  • Avoid the use of most topical remedies, many can prolong your suffering. 

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Comments (6)

Said this on 7-20-2009 At 12:14 am

My boyfreind has had ex. hemorids and will not go see a doctor and the meds. you can get from wal-mart don't work. They get kind of large about the size of a half dollar and I am afraid thay could get worse. What can I do to help him?

Said this on 7-24-2009 At 05:42 pm

Buy the Hem-relief for your boyfriend!!! HEM-RELIEF is the best medicine for hemorrhoids. I took it for one month and now I'm pain free.




Said this on 5-2-2012 At 05:12 am

Hello, I know what you’re going through and watned to help.When it comes to natural cures for hemorrhoids, there are a bunch of options.A variety of herbs can be used to treat hemorrhoids. One is called horse chestnut, and another is butcher's broom. Both are especially helpful because they will strengthen vessel walls and decrease inflammation. Butcher's broom is also believed to have vein-constricting properties that will increase the tone of the vessel walls. Each of these herbs is available in capsule form and can also be ingested as a tea. And horse chestnut can be applied to a compress and placed directly on the area.Another compress or cream option is witch hazel. It is often found in liquid form in drug stores, but can also be mixed into an ointment for topical application to relieve itching and swelling. This is an astringent and should only be used externally. It can also help limit the bleeding that comes with hemorrhoids.Citrus fruits contain a compound called bioflavonoid that work to strengthen the vessel walls in the area. After consistent use this will decrease the discharge and pain associates with hemorrhoids.Let me know if this helps!

Said this on 7-23-2012 At 05:16 am

Hemorrhoids don't just go away. They are swollen, inflamed veins. Many times they don't make any troubles for long time but then suddenly, due to some irritants (spicy foods, acid forming foods, or just excessive sitting/standing) can flare up. You need to treat also the cause of your hemorrhoid to get truly lasting results. Otherwise, the oil can treat the existing hemorrhoid, but as long as the cause is still present, sooner or later new hemorrhoid will develop.

Said this on 10-26-2013 At 08:22 am

Before I had a child my body was good by using the toilet twice a day. I am full time worker and my drive requires a lot of driving and I drive for maybe 11 or so hours Monday thru Friday. My main thing is these hemorrhiods and it's very pain almost want to have me a tears very very pain what should I do plz. Help 



We would recommend you review your diet and overall health. If you are experiencing constipation, an increase in water and fiber are highly recommended.

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