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Diabetes on a Budget

Diabetes on a budgetDiabetes can be an expensive disease. Glucose-monitoring equipment and diabetes medications can be very costly. But there are ways to reduce those costs without risking your health.

In these tough times, many people with diabetes are looking for ways to save money, but foregoing medications or reducing the number of times you check your blood sugar is not the answer. And it could lead to costly complications like blindness, heart attack and stroke. For some, it can be overwhelming trying to manage diabetes and still have enough money left over to cover other expenses like rent, mortgage and food.

The first step is to understand your health insurance and what it covers. The coverage provided by private health insurers, employer-based group plans, Medicare, Medicaid and other programs varies widely. For example, your insurance may have a preferred glucose meter. Choosing a different meter may cost you significantly more money. There are several different offers on TV for low-cost or free meters, but some of them aren't worth it, even if they are free.

You should talk to your doctor to see if generic medications wll work for you because they can save you money. Some doctor's will not prescribe generic medications unless you ask. There are drug cards and other special programs available that can help lower the cost of medications. Some pharmacies are also much less expensive than others.

Because eating a proper diet is critical for keeping blood glucose under control you should consider reducing your food bill by using coupons or shopping at bulk discount outlets.

The underlying message is you need to shop around.

It is also very important that you remember that there are several "gimmicks" now being advertised on TV. Many of these diabetes remedies are not legitimate. It is important to be safe when you look at ways to save money.